Dainese Airbag Suit

Safety is a huge concern for bikers and BMW is tackling some of these concerns head on they are co-developing a motorbike rider suit with Dainese that uses airbag technology. Yes that’s right you heard me a motorbike with air bags.


Its called the Dainese’s D-air Protect System, which has inflatable protectors that expand in a matter of milliseconds (15 to be precise).BMW and Dainese will introduce the new airbag suits into the Motorad brand. The will create a racing suit and a bigger suit that can be worn by riders who are on Beemers and bigger bikes. The Duo has created an amazing safety tool and we hope that this leads into a long-term partnership to increase the safety of both bikes and cars

We are really hoping to see this is action at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this November but if you can wait that long or you don’t think you will be in Milan in November then here is a little video to wet your appetite.

Tell us what you think below. Are you a biker? Would you ever use the suit?

By Joshua Morley

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