Elements of the PPAP

A PPAP has many elements to it and it is best to look at the expected outcome and work backwards as the process can get very detailed. All the documents together are called the PPAP Package, and these will all need to be formally approved by the supplier.

PSW (part submission warrant) – summarizes this package

The approval of the PSW indicates that the supplier’s responsible person (usually the Quality Engineer) has reviewed this package and that the customer has not identified any issues that would prevent its approbation.

PPAP is just one instrument from the APQP (advanced product quality planning) toolbox that should be used during the design and development of new vehicles and component systems to reduce the risk of unexpected failure due to errors in design and manufacture.

The PPAP manual is published by the AIAG, and specifies generic requirements for obtaining PPAP approvals.

Details of ‘customer specific’ requirements may be found on the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) website or supplier portals provided by the vehicle manufacturers.

By Joshua Morley

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