Part Submission Warrant (PSW)

The Part Submission Warrant or PSW is a document that summaries the whole ‘PPAP Package’. It needs to include details such as:

1)      Part Information

  1. Part Name

i.      The part name is the parts official name for example Pedal Box or Bonnet Locking Platform. This benefits the supplier and the manufacturer by giving the part a more human name and decreasing the chance of errors for example calling the part QNCA0001450002N could easily be mixed up if multiple PPAPs were being discussed.

  1. Part Name on Drawing

i.      The part name on the drawing is the part ID written or stamped onto the drawing for example QNCA0001450002N.

  1. Engineering Change Level

i.      Will be specified by the manufacturer and could include any manufacturing change such as tool modifications

  1. Engineering Change Date

i.      The date of these changes

  1. Additional Engineering Changes

i.      See point C

  1. Additional Engineering Changes Date

i.      See point C

  1. Safety and/or Government Regulation

i.      Are there any safety and/or government regulation that the supplier and the manufacturer need to be aware of. These should be listed and relevant documents included or referred to .

  1. Checking Aid Number

i.      ID of any special tools used while completing the PPAP

  1. Checking Aid Engineering Change Level

i.      What is the level of the checking equipment you use to check this part are there any special tools used?

  1. Checking Aid Engineering Change Date

i.      Date of the Checking Aid

  1. Customer Part Number

i.      The number the customer uses on their system to identify the part. This is very helpful to know when speaking to different department in the manufacturers company as not everyone will know the suppliers part number.

  1. Organization Part Number

i.      The number the organization uses on their system to identify the part.

  1. Purchase Order Number

i.      The ID of the manufacturers purchase order

  1. Weight

i.      Weight of the material ordered

2)      Suppliers Contact Information

  1. Name of Supplier and/or Vendor Code
  2. Suppliers Address

3)      The Customers Contact Information

  1. Customers Name and Division
  2. Any buyer code

4)      Materials Reporting

  1. Substance of Concern Information

i.      May need to be submitted, Could be COSH data sheets

  1. IMDS format

i.      In what format will you submit IMDS or IMDS like information?

  1. IMDS ID

i.      What is the module or IMDS number

5)      Reason for Submission

  1. There can be many reasons why it is necessary to conduct a PPAP :

i.      Initial Submission

ii.      Engineering Changes

iii.      Tooling: Transfer, Replacement, Refurbishment, or Additional

iv.      Correction of Discrepancy

v.      Tool Inactive > 1 Year

vi.      Change to Optional Construction or Material

vii.      Supplier or Material Source Change

viii.       Change in Part Processing

ix.      Parts Produced at Additional Location

x.      Other (Specify)

6)      Requested Submission Level

  1. There are different levels of PPAP submission

i.      Level  1 – Warrant only submitted to customer

ii.      Level  2 – Warrant with product samples and limited supporting data

iii.      Level  3 – Warrant with product samples and complete supporting data

iv.      Level  4 – Warrant and other requirements as defined by customer

v.      Level  5 – Warrant with product samples and complete and complete supporting data reviewed at suppliers manufacturing location.

7)      Submission Results

  1. Have you included results for:

i.      Dimensional measurements

ii.      Material and function tests

iii.      Appearance Criteria

iv.      Statistical process package

  1. Do all the results meet all the design requirements with any concerns noted
  2. Mold / Cavity / Production Process ID

8)      Declaration

9)      Explanations or Comments

  1. Comments / Explanations
  2. Customer tool tags
  3. Signature
  4. Date
  5. Printed name
  6. Phone Number
  7. Fax Number
  8. Job Title
  9. Email

10)   Status

  1. Sign off by customer

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